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Changes in your vaginal tissue over time lead to urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, both of which interfere with normal daily routines as well as your ability to enjoy life. The team at Rodeo Drive Women's Health in Beverly Hills, California, offers an innovative treatment called ViveveⓇ that gives you more control over your vaginal and urinary function. If you’d like to learn more, book a consultation online or by phone.

Viveve Q & A

Why do vaginal changes occur?

Every woman experiences changes in her vaginal function over time. In some cases, the pressures of pregnancy and childbirth damage the structure of vaginal tissues. Weight fluctuations also weaken these tissues. Even hormonal imbalance cause changes in the way your vagina functions.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in sexual enjoyment over the years or problems with bladder control, it is time to speak with a women’s health specialist about your treatment options. While the changes you’re experiencing are a normal part of life, that doesn’t mean you have to accepts them as inevitable.

What is Viveve?

Viveve is a gynecologic treatment that uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency to generate carefully controlled heat in the deeper layers of your vaginal tissues. That heat triggers your natural healing response. Your body creates new collagen, thickening your vaginal walls and strengthening tissue.

Viveve is an excellent treatment option for vaginal laxity and helps you achieve greater enjoyment during sex. Treatment also improves bladder control, helping you avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of stress incontinence, or urinary leakage.

You may need only one 40-60-minute treatment to achieve lasting results, although some women respond better to a series of two treatments. Your specialist evaluates how your body responds to the initial treatment session and advises you on any need for subsequent treatments.

What are Viveve treatments like?

You can expect your treatment to be relatively brief and not at all painful. Some women report slight discomfort during treatments, while others report absolutely no pain. You may notice intermittent sensations of warmth or cold during your session.

There’s no need for anesthesia, recovery time, or special preparation associated with Viveve treatments. You can resume normal activities immediately after your appointment. You’ll begin to notice improvements within a few weeks of treatment, although it usually takes 6-9 weeks for full effects to develop.  

Viveve is a very safe and effective treatment option, but it’s important to select a medical practice that offers specialists with the training and experience needed to leverage Viveve to its greatest potential. That’s why so many women in Beverly Hills, California, entrust Rodeo Drive Women’s Health with their care. Schedule your visit today, online or by phone.