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    "They were excellent in finding out what was wrong with my son. I had just come from the Children's hospital. These people know what they are doing."

    Serita V.
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    "The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr Brown was super cool, very professional, a sense of humor , she made me feel very comfortable."

    Angie G.
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    "I thought she was terrific! I didn't wait very long, she is very knowledgable and smart, easy to talk to..."

    Dolly D.
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    "If you are lucky enough to see Doctor Rebecca Brown, you are in caring, friendly, experienced hands..."

    Molly S.
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    "Dr Rebecca Brown is just great. Knowledgeable, friendly, listens and takes notes and answers questions."

    Desireh S.
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    "...As far as Rodeo Drive Health Center, I have been going there for well over 4 years and love the place as it is all women and you feel very comfortable."

    Jessica G.
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    "Dr. Valenton is awesome! If it weren't for her, I probably would have ended up with a c-section. Nothing wrong with a c-section, but she respected my desire..."

    Leedia R.
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    "I've been with Dr. Brown since 2008 and cannot say enough good things about her. She takes her time and listens and REMEMBERS many things about you! I LOVE that..."

    R A.
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    "In short, Dr. Brown is fantastic; she's knowledgeable, professional, and extremely friendly. You can be assured that she will take good care of your needs."

    Tiffany L.
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    "Dr. Brown is phenomenal! I ‚̧her with all my heart! She delivered my 2 daughters, has the greatest bedside manner, and always makes time for you!"

    Wendy Y.
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    "Dr. Weiss is one of the best I have come across. As a healthcare professional he is just absolutely first rate. As a fellow human - simply a wonderful, caring..."

    Varun K.
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    "Dr Weiss and the staff have proven to me that all other children I may have in the future will only be cared for by him..."

    Rami D.
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    "Dr Weiss is an amazing doctor and person. I'm honored to know him."

    Yvette L.
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    "I love Dr Valenton she's so easy to talk to always makes me feel very comfortable and she's very understanding."

    Allison J.
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    "I instantly knew Dr. Valenton would be my new go to OBGYN when delivering my second baby (19 years after my first born) after our initial appointment."

    Cindy L.
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    "Professional with a wonderful bedside manner. Not only is she intelligent, she is extremely personable."

    Anna W.
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    "The first time I met her, she made me feel at ease and made me feel like we've known each other for a while. It takes a special doctor to have great bedside manner."

    Sam E.
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    "His caring nature, calm attitude, and professionalism immediately made me feel comfortable when I first met him."

    Yen P.
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    "Dr. Nguyen went above and beyond during the consultation and the exam, but what really stood out was how well he explained everything thoroughly and had the patience..."

    Esther S.
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    "...We called Dr. Nguyen's office and he was able to see us right away! He performed a thorough ultrasound and was able to reassure us that everything was fine."

    Vinny N.
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    The staff and doctors are kind and very helpful. The atmosphere is very inviting. Filling out the medical forms was painless, due to their use of ipads to collect info.

    Lyeah G.
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