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Dr. Rebecca Brown, Dr. Jennifer Chen, Dr. Lily Lee, Dr. Rahil Patel, Dr. Henrietta Stancz-Szeder, Dr. Karen Toubi, Dr. Kathleen Valenton, Dr. Wendy Kim Waldman, and Dr. Peter Weiss , at Rodeo Drive Women's Health Center offer cosmetic revision procedures that are often swept under the rug out of shame. A labial reduction is one such goal that isn’t usually openly discussed but is an insecurity for many women. Contact Rodeo Drive Women's Health Center in Beverly Hills, California to consult with a doctor about the issues you may encounter due to an enlarged labia.

Labial Reduction and Cosmetic Revision Q & A

What is a labial reduction?

Also known as labiaplasty, labial reduction is a surgical cosmetic revision procedure that reduces the size of an enlarged labia minora for both functional and aesthetic purposes. The vaginal opening is well protected during the procedure.

Why do women seek labial reduction?

An enlarged labia minora may not be talked about often, but it’s an insecurity and an uncomfortable feature for many women that can disrupt daily life.The labia minora refers to the inner lips at the vagina’s entrance, that can cause discomfort when elongated. It can also interfere with sexual intercourse, recreational activities or sports, and can even be painful when wearing tight pants.

What causes an enlarged labia minora?

Some women are born with an elongated labia minora, and others develop it after childbirth, after a cyst, or with age. There is a labia minora on either side of the vaginal entrance, with either one or both elongated among affected women.

What are benefits of labial reduction?

The purpose of a labial reduction procedure is to ease any distress involved in everyday activities. By reducing the size of the labia minora, you’re able to play sports and engage in sexual intercourse without pain or discomfort.

What does the labial reduction procedure entail?

The surgical procedure for labial reduction aims to preserve the normal appearance of the labia. The doctor puts you under general or local anesthesia, before recontouring your labia by removing as much tissue as necessary. The one to two-hour procedure ultimately serves to prevent the labia from protruding, while still protecting the vaginal opening. Most women report satisfaction with the labial reduction procedure, as they don’t typically report a loss of sensation or other adverse effects.

What are potential risks or complications associated with a labial reduction procedure?

The surgery is a low-risk procedure, other than potential complications associated with any surgery. Common risks people may encounter after any surgical procedure include:

Separation of the wound: this occurs when the wound opens up while it’s still healing. With care, it’s not difficult to avoid this sort of complication.

Scarring: the scar in the labia tends to heal very well and are intentionally placed out of sight. However, there are rare cases where the scar may become sensitive, painful, or thickened to the touch.

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