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Cliovana is a quick, easy non-invasive treatment used to increase the intensity and frequency of the female orgasm through the use of sound wave energy. This gentle treatment focuses specifically on the clitoris to boost blood flow to the area and increase sexual enjoyment and sensitivity.

Only four easy treatments spaced four days apart are needed to reignite your sex life. Best of all, no anesthesia, needles, or lengthy downtimes are required. If you’re looking to revive your sex life and take pleasure to new heights, then Cliovana may benefit you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Karen Toubi in Beverly Hills. Or you can give our office a call at (310) 432-6640.


About Sexual Wellness and Cliovana

Sexual health and wellness products have made a lasting impact on millions of love lives all over the world. Unfortunately, many of these treatments and resources have primarily focused on male sexual gratification. Not many treatments are catered to females. This is alarming because recent students have found that most women are not happy with their sex life. Unfortunately, there is a huge disparity in sexual enjoyment between men and women. Sadly, another study found heterosexual women only report orgasming 33 percent of the time. Thankfully Cliovana can help. It is the first and only procedure to focus specifically on regenerating the clitoris to increase sexual enjoyment, sensitivity, and lubrication. Using sound wave technology, Cliovana stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and nerve endings in the clitoris, which results in increased clitoral sensitivity and responsiveness. In just four sessions spaced a few days apart, women start to feel increased sensitivity immediately after treatment with progressive results showing after subsequent sessions. Best of all, Cliovana is a comforting, enjoyable procedure that only takes a few minutes.


How Cliovana Can Help

Enjoy the pleasures of being intimate again with a Cliovana treatment. This easy, non-invasive procedure has helped women enjoy a healthy sexual life—all with the help of soundwaves. 


Ideal Candidates

Seeking treatment is highly recommended for any woman simply looking to get more out of sexual intimacy—better satisfaction, sensation, and pleasure. If your love life isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, Cliovana is an excellent solution. The pain-free treatment was specifically designed to help with painful sex, decreased lubrication, and infrequent orgasms. 

Personal Consultation with Dr. Karen Toubi, Board certified Ob-Gyn  will take place inside our state-of-the-art offices in Beverly Hills. Your consultation is a compassionate and open discussion that helps us understand your needs. Then, we will examine the genital area to help us create a treatment plan. After we have solidified an approach, we’ll go over how Cliovana will provide a better sex life. Finally, just before you go, we will provide you with a few preparatory items to complete between now and your appointment date. It is essential to follow these steps for a smooth journey. 

Make an empowered step to your sexual health and see how a Cliovana treatment works. Schedule an appointment by calling or texting (310) 432-6640. 



Cliovana is an easygoing process that needs very little preparation. The non-invasive procedure allows patients to enjoy a seamless process before, during, and after the procedure. Dr. Toubi recommends that patients avoid sexual intercourse 24 hours before their Cliovana treatment. On the day of treatment, come to the appointment clean, well-rested, and excited for a new vibrant sex life. 


The Cliovana Procedure

Cliovana is a three-step process carried out in four sessions, two the first week; two the second week. Each session lasts about 10 minutes. Patients love the treatment’s completely non-invasive and highly effective nature. Here is what your treatment will look like:


A small suction cup will be placed on the clitoris for two minutes. A gentle, consistent suction helps bring blood vessels and vascularity to the surface of the clitoral area. Patients report feeling a light tapping sensation. 


A device delivers sound waves over the clitoris for four minutes. The vibration deliberately breaks down tissue and stimulates microscopic tissue damage. This helps trigger the body’s natural repairing response and creates new collagen, more blood vessels, and spurs nerve growth that leads to increased sensitivity. 


The final step combines vibration and sound waves to enhance results. The applicator is placed over the glans of the clitoris for about two minutes to finalize results to make the clitoral area sensitive. 


Recovery & Results

There is zero downtime associated with Cliovana. After your session, you are free to leave the office and resume your daily life. Some redness in the treated area may appear but will dissipate in a few days. A better sex life filled with better enjoyment and sensitivity is yours to keep for six months or longer. To maintain results, patients come in for yearly touch-up appointments consisting of only two treatments spaced 3-4 days apart. Most women are happy to see immediate changes after their first session and continued results are seen with additional sessions.



When it comes to overall physical and emotional wellbeing, satisfying sex is key at any age.

But while the focus has been on male sexual issues, female sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction is a thing too. Now, finally, there’s something that women can do about it.



Everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Cliovana is 100% non-invasive, with zero downtime. Cliovana was developed specifically with the clitoris in mind. Why is this important?

Because it has the unique distinction of being the only organ in the body dedicated solely to pleasure, yet its importance has been historically overlooked. Enter Cliovana, a simple, non[1]invasive way to increase arousal levels, and orgasm frequency and intensity. There are no lasers, scalpels, or needles, which means no side effects and no down time.

Cliovana is soundwave treatment that increases clitoral responsiveness leading to:

● Increased Arousal and Lubrication

● Increased Orgasm Intensity and Frequency

● Greater Overall Sexual Satisfaction




Recent global studies have linked women’s sexual health with their overall well-being. Turns out, a happy sex life affects everything from mental health, to relationship health, to health[1]health. So what are you waiting for?


There’s a giant gap between what women want from sex, and what they get. In fact, recent studies show 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives, and that during male-female sexual encounters, while 75% of men orgasm every time, only 33% of women do. It’s time to close the gap, and Cliovana can help.


There are many reasons why a woman might experience lessened feelings of arousal and sexual response. The great news is that Cliovana can help improve women’s sexual health and help them have stronger, more frequent orgasms.