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If you’re pregnant and decide to terminate your pregnancy, you should ensure that it’s done as safely as possible. Otherwise, you may suffer potentially life-threatening complications, such as excessive bleeding or infections. At Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center, Dr. Rebecca Brown, Dr. Jennifer Chen, Dr. Lily Lee, Dr. Rahil Patel, Dr. Henrietta Stancz-Szeder, Dr. Karen Toubi, Dr. Kathleen Valenton, Dr. Wendy Kim Waldman, and Dr. Peter Weiss offer safe and compassionate pregnancy termination in Beverly Hills, California.

Pregnancy Termination Q & A

Why do women end their pregnancies?

Deciding to go through with pregnancy termination is a deeply personal matter. Women choose to end their unintended pregnancies for different reasons, such as financial troubles or health concerns. Others aren’t ready to be a parent yet, or they’re in an abusive relationship and don’t want to bring a baby into that environment. For other women, having a baby would affect plans to focus on school or work.

How do you know if pregnancy termination is right for you?

If you’re unsure about terminating your pregnancy, take certain factors into consideration, such as:

  • Your plans for the future
  • Your financial situation
  • The support you would have if you chose not to terminate

Discuss your concerns with your doctor at Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center to get more information on your options.

How soon do you need to decide?

The longer you wait, the riskier pregnancy termination can be. While it’s important to take your time rather than rushing into a decision, termination decisions should be made during the first trimester of pregnancy.

What pregnancy termination options does Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center offer?

During the first trimester, you can terminate with medication or during an in-office procedure. After the first trimester, only in-clinic procedures are available. Medications that similarly terminate pregnancy work to early miscarriages, where the uterus is forced to shed its lining, including the implanted fertilized egg. This typically happens within 24 hours after taking the second pill.

In-clinic procedures involve the use of medical instruments and suction to remove the embryo or fetus, which takes about 10 minutes. Both medication and in-clinic procedures are highly effective.

Is pregnancy termination safe?

When qualified medical doctors do in-clinic and medication terminations, they’re considered safe. If you use medication to terminate your pregnancy, you may experience cramping and bleeding, but these should be temporary and not severe.

If you have an in-clinic procedure, you should only have mild cramping and bleeding. If you have any concerns about pregnancy termination, discuss them with Dr. Weiss, Dr. Brown, Dr. Valenton, Dr. Chen, or Dr. Nguyen during an initial consultation.

If you need more information on pregnancy termination, contact Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center to set up an appointment.

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