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Dr. Peter Weiss is a national thought leader in the use of alternative energy sources for treating medical conditions which interfere with women's intimate wellness. He has literally treated thousands of patients for these conditions with the procedures listed below. He has discussed many of these topics on national television and has been published for his work. Dr. Weiss has also lectured across the USA and Canada teaching other physicians about Women's Intimate Wellness and therapeutics options.

Options for intimate women's wellness includes NON-surgical, office-based treatments for

  1. SUI: stress urinary incontinence...at any age and for many reasons. involuntary loss of urine
  2. Genitourinary syndrome of menopause: a wide range of very troublesome conditions
  3. OAB: Overactive bladder frequent urination
  4. Painful sex
  5. Vaginal dryness/itching
  6. Sexual dysfunction: orgasmic problems
  7. NON-hormonal treatments

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